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We operate specialised tractors in NSW and interstate for broad acre or selective vegetation slashing or mulching work. Our fleet of four wheel drive and crawler tractors range in capacity from 80hp to 310hp and come with a large range of attachments. All are maintained and compliant to the highest safety standards, including Mine Department Guideline 15

Our large fleet, of over twenty tractors complete with low loader and support vehicles, allow us to meet time sensitive job requirements by deploying multiple machines.

Vegetation Clearing

Our Mulchers are up to 2.5m in effective width and are capable of falling standing timber up to 500mm. They are used for broad acre clearing in:

  • Mine open cut expansion,
  • Civil construction,
  • Property development,
  • Bush fire hazard control, and
  • Selective thinning for plantation management. 

Advantages of mulching timber in position include:

  • Minerals used to grow the vegetation returned to the source soils,
  • Reduced requirement for adding fertiliser for rehabilitation,
  • Micro-organisms crucial for soil fertility retained,
  • Vegetation seeds retained for rehabilitation or broken down by microbe action,
  • Mulch generated acts to protect from soil erosion, and
  • Better environmental outcome compared to previous practises of burying or burning.
Vegetation Clearing

Impact Rolling

We operate both 8 tonne and 12 tonne Impact Rollers to achieve ground compaction up to 2.5m deep. They are used for:

  • Compacting mine spoil, virgin ground or imported material in lifts typically up to 1m, and
  • Compacting for civil projects such as roads, dams and infrastructure areas.

Stone Crushing

Our Stone Crushing implements have a 2.0m effective width and penetration depth up to 300mm. They are used to crush loose stone up to 400mm in diameter. They are used for:

  • In position crushing of stone to finish gravel size for roads or infrastructure projects, and
  • Breaking down farm surface stone for pasture or market garden improvement.

The size of the finished product may be varied to client requirements.

Stump Grinding

Our Stump Grinding implement has a 500mm effective width and penetration depth of 200mm. It is used to grind old hardwood stumps to below ground level for:

  • Clearing for civil easements and infrastructure areas, and
  • Pasture improvements.


Our Stabiliser implements have a 2.5m effective width and penetration depth up to 500mm. They are used for in position mixing of products such as:

  • Gypsum into clays for dam, channels or levee water sealing, and
  • Cement into gravel for strengthening civil foundations.